11.2. International families workshop, Zagreb

“Do you have an international marriage? Are you an expatriate couple living in Zagreb? Have you returned as a family after years overseas? Do you speak multiple languages in your home? Have your children spent a significant portion of their childhood outside their passport nation? Does visiting family involve a trip that costs as much as a used car? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, please consider joining us for an International Families Workshop hosted by Udruga Fokus, Kutnjacki put 11, Zagreb, February 11th from 18:00-20:00.

Come to network, hear from other families that have been on a similar journey, share your story, and learn about resources available locally for international families.

Couples with children are invited to bring teenagers and those 10 and older. Separate child care for younger children will not be available. The event will be in English.

After time for networking, we will have a workshop and discussion time together as families. Then the parents will have one discussion while the teens meet with four visiting international university graduates who grew up between cultures and are traveling the world to engage with young people just like them!

The workshop is free but space is limited so please register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pcP2dOkX7N5gtLyXxT-sde6LX9wcyMo_QvMzImGl2KQ/viewform?usp=send_form

With any questions please contact Nolan Sharp via email at nolan.sharp@gmail.com or 091-738-9024.

Facilitators for the evening include:
Nolan and Sandra Sharp have lived in Zagreb since 2001 after starting their marriage in California. She is from Sisak, he’s from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have two sons, Daniel 12, and Philip, 10, who attend Croatian schools. They work together in Udruga Fokus.

Scott and Jayne Cuidon have lived in Croatia for over 20 years and educated their six children, now high school to post-college age, in almost every possible educational setting. They now serve as counselors and educational consultants and have worked with many international families.

Jon Yturralde grew up in Manila as Third Culture Kid. In 2005 he transitioned to San Diego CA where his parents live now. His parents are Filipino-American. During his transition, MK2MK played a vital role in positioning him for success. He studied African studies at University of California, Davis. This year marks his fourth year working full-time with MK2MK. During this time, he has led 10 conferences in 8 countries as well as many projects all over the world. He is passionate about working with families who serve overseas and with TCK’s specifically. He loves getting to build relationships with students and help them process their stories.

Danielle Dolson grew up moving all over the States (7 times to be exact) yet somehow found a heart that felt more at home overseas. She got involved with MK2MK when she was in high school and went on a service project with them to South Africa in 2012. She then worked with them in the States as well as overseas. She has worked with globally mobile youth for two years and loves everything about these young people. She is gifted in connecting on a deep level with teenagers.

Jonathan Ma grew up as a TCK in the jungles and cities of the Philippines, was amazed at the wonders of the human body and pursued a degree in bioengineering. He received his Master’s in Bioengineering from the University of California, Riverside. He worked for a couple technology companies in the Los Angeles area before deciding his life was too stagnant and location-dependent. He recently took a long break from this to travel as well as spend time with his family who lives in Korea. Jonathan understands cross-cultural living both from his experiences in several countries as well as often being immersed in multiple cultures growing up through his Korean family, their lives as Expats along with immersion in American culture through his studies.

Lizzy Goddard is an TCK from East Asia. She spent thirteen yearsoverseas before moving to America to finish high school. Now, she is a third year student at the University of Georgia studying Social Studies Education, and hopes to be a history teacher. Her TCK-related interests include international schools and transition experiences. She loves reading, writing, pasta, and springtime. Lizzy is thrilled to get to know you during this trip.